Are you starting a new business/startup? Our new registration services helps you choose from different options available in India after understanding your business niche. We also help you get difference type of licenses so your business stay compliant.

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Private Limited Company Registration

Setting up a Private limited company in India is now easier than before. Every year thousands of businesses opt for a private limited company registration due to its ease of opening, benefits & high reputation among the business network.

Let's answer some basic questions about incorporating a Private Limited Company in India

What all are the documents required for Private limited company registration?

  • One Passport size photograph of All Directors.
  • Self-Attested PAN card copy of All the Directors.
  • Self- Attested Proof of Identity (Any One of Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card) of All the Directors.
  • Latest bank statement of all the directors.
  • Business address proof (Any One of Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Property, Gas Bill, Tax Bill).
  • If Rented Business Premises (Rent Agreement Copy) or if own (sale deed).
  • Company Name (1 to 2 Names).
  • Company Service or object or product Name.

How many directors are required to incorporate a Private limited company?

  • A minimum of 2 directors are required to start a Private Limited company.

Is it costly to run a Private Limited company?

  • Well, this is very subjective, Let us give an understanding of what are the mandatory Private limited compliance which one has to do while running a Private Limited Company.ROC filing (Registrar of companies) – You will have to comply with ROC norms for the smooth running of your company. These include multiple form submissions before every due date, missing any of them invite penalty.Statutory Audit: Once the company is registered you will have to appoint an auditor to conduct an audit at the end of every financial year, Statutory Audit is mandatory compliance, while an income tax audit is required once you cross a particular turnover limit.Maintaining books of Accounts (Accounting) is also a mandatory compliance for Private limited companies, so, overall if we discount GST from cost as it’s required only after certain turnover limits, the tentative average annual cost to run a Private Limited company for a startup or early-stage business would be Rs 20k-25k adding GST filing compliance to it would take it somewhere around 35k- 40k.

Why is Private limited company registration preferred among other forms of options?

  • Since a private limited company has a ‘separate legal entity’ there is limited risk to the personal assets of the directors of the company.Unlike in Proprietorship, shares of a Private limited company are easily transferable from one shareholder to any other person.Getting outside funds via share transfer to support growth is quick and easy in a Private limited company.In some business having a private limited company means to enhance reputation & trust among vendors & business network.

How many days does it require to incorporate a private limited company?

  • It takes somewhere around 8 – 12 working days to get a private limited company incorporated.

What all other services do Rounak Jain & Associates provide related to Private limited companies besides Private Limited registration services?

  • We help Private limited companies with all sorts of mandatory compliance as well as GST, accounting services & tax audit services.1) Help add/remove directors from your company.2) Incorporate a change in the business address of a Private limited company.3) Unfortunate case of winding up of your company & more.

    Besides these based on understanding your requirements, we can help you start other forms of companies like OPC (One person company), LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) or Partnership, Sole Proprietorship firms.

To register your Private limited company, connect with us now.

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